HBO’s ‘THE LAST OF US’ finds its Ellie in ‘GAME OF THRONES’’ Bella Ramsey

Mentioning either The Last of Us (2013) or The Last of Us Part II (2020) means talking about one of the best and most impactful games of the past decade. It came with little surprise when it became official that HBO had secured the rights for a small screen adaptation last March, managing to secure Neil Druckman to write the story, he who is arguably the mastermind behind the game series. Last November the show got officially picked up for an entire season and we are now getting our first news regarding the cast.

The biggest roles will obviously be the ones of Joel and Ellie, and it now seems that HBO has found the right actor for the latter in Game Of Throne‘s Bella Ramsey, who caught the eye of audiences worldwide for her incredible portrayal of Lyanna Mormont. Bella Ramsey is currently 17 years old, a bit older than Ellie was when we first met her in the first game and this might give some credence to the rumors that the show will not try to retell Joel and Ellie’s story, but will perhaps try to fill some of the gaps in the story that both games didn’t quite fill.

We can certainly understand how Ramsey is seen as a good fit for the role, taking into consideration what we saw from her in Game of Thrones and how Ellie evolves through the games, becoming a force to be reckoned with, much in the same light Lyanna was regarded throughout Westeros.

HBO’s The Last of Us doesn’t yet have a release date but with casting choices being made, we should probably get updates on the production’s timeline in the coming weeks.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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