Matt Reeves ‘The Batman: Part II’ Gets Release Date, New Designation

As part of DC Studios’ big slate rollout, the sequel to 2022’s The Batman was given an official release date and an interesting new designation. The film, The Batman: Part II, will release in theaters on October 3, 2025 under the banner of DC Elseworlds.

The new DCU will be a functional multiverse but projects which are not in the same continuity as projects like Superman: Legacy and The Brave and The Bold will be designated as DC Elseworlds stories, a designation taken straight from the comics. DC co-chair Peter Safran explained the concept during a press event in Los Angeles.

The DCU, as we can see it, is a multiverse. But we’re going to be focusing on one universe within that multiverse. We’ll incorporate, as I said, some of the actors and characters from the past but mostly we’re going to cast new. Now if something is not DCU – if it’s blatantly adult like Todd Phillips’ ‘Joker’ or Matt Reeves’ ‘Batman’ or ‘Teen Titans Go,’ those properties we’re going to label clearly as DC Elseworlds just like the comics do. We’re going to be very clear. The bar is going to be very high for projects that are going to be outside the DCU, the Elseworlds projects, but every now and again, there’ll be something that lives up to that. And we’ll make that film or television series.

Peter Safran

While its likely that most projects approved by Gunn and Safran will fall in the main continuity of the DCU, the Elseworlds designation will provide an interesting path forward for creator driven projects such as Joker and The Batman in the future.

Source: The Wrap

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