Second ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Spinoff in Development

big bang theory spinoff

HBO Max and Discovery+ are fusing together into the oddly named Max. Alongside the grand announcement, they have also unveiled a wide variety of series to showcase what they hope to achieve with this rebranding by moving away from the HBO label that they feared would set an expectation of only high-string dramas being part of the streaming service. Mostly, it’s a way to bring the 90-Day Fiancé offerings to the platform but it seems one CBS classic is making a return as well.

Chuck Lorre is seemingly already working on a new series that is set in the same world as The Big Bang Theory, which would make it the second spinoff project after Young Sheldon. It’s no surprise they want to bank on that recognizable name as it ran for an impressive 12 seasons and was one of CBS’ biggest series, which will now stream exclusively on Max. Lorre famously hinted at the plans for multiple spinoffs in a 2019 interview:

Truthfully, the reason for a spinoff is economics, and that’s not the reason to do a show. You should do a show because you have something you really love and you want to do it. Economics follow passion. If you start with economics … well, shit, become a network executive

Chuck Lorre

The original series actually ended because Lorre wanted to ensure the entire ensemble cast was present and after Jim Parsons, who famously played Sheldon Cooper, decided to move on with his career and instead of forcing it to continue, they wrapped it up. As of now, there’s no real confirmation on what we can expect from the spinoff or who might be its main focus. So, we’ll have to wait a bit before they move forward with the spinoff.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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