‘Metal Gear Solid 3’ Remake Lives!

mgs3 remake

After being rumored for quite an extensive time, the confirmation has finally arrived for the remake of Metal Gear Solid 3. Surprisingly, it doesn’t have a new subtitle and the 3 has been replaced with a triangle. Still, it’s great to know that the story of Naked Snake will finally return in the modern era and hopefully, they didn’t leave any of the iconic elements behind.

The game is confirmed as a multi-release and isn’t just available on PlayStation, but it’s definitely not a coincidence they were the ones to confirm its existence. It’s definitely exciting to see the franchise return even if Hideo Kojima is no longer involved due to his falling out with Konami, but perhaps he supported as a consultant on the project.

Supposedly, the game will be titled Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater, which may be their attempt to start building the franchise from one of its most popular entries, even if the jump from Naked to Solid Sanke might be jarring for those that aren’t that deep in the franchise. There’s also the question of how the original game’s mechanics would work in a modern game. So, here’s hoping the wait isn’t too long before we actually get some gameplay as well.

Source: Twitter

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