Now-Deleted Tweet May Have Confirmed ‘The Sandman’ Season 2 Renewal

the sandman season 2

Netflix isn’t the safest streaming service nowadays, as we’ve long waited for any news on the renewal of The Sandman. The series saw one of the biggest growths from its initial viewing over time, and it made many wonders how it hasn’t been given a second season yet. As it turns out, a now-deleted tweet by DC Comics revealed that Netflix’s adaptation of The Sandman was renewed for more episodes.

While DC has taken the tweet down, @OneTakeNews luckily has managed to save it and shared it on Twitter. As of now, it’s unclear why it was deleted, but there’s a chance that perhaps it went online too early as tweets are commonly scheduled in advance. Of course, there’s also the chance it was prepared just in case of a renewal and wasn’t meant to go online.

Whatever may be the reason, it definitely feels right that there’s a second season of this Netflix series. The visual may have also been used to hint at the renewal but we’re going to have to anxiously wait a bit longer until the official announcement drops. So, here’s hoping it just leaked a little early and we can expect an announcement in the near future.

Source: Twitter

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