RUMOR: ‘The Boys’ Spinoff Adds Clancy Brown

the boys spinoff

Clancy Brown has become a fixture throughout any giant IP in the market, as he’s appeared in The Mandalorian, Marvel’s The Punisher, Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok, still actively voices Mr. Krabs in Spongebob Squarebob and so much more. So, what difference does it make if he adds one more tentpole franchise under his belt, according to One Take News, Brown has now also joined The Boys. Well, it’s an upcoming spinoff Gen V to be exact.

The spinoff series is currently in production and will focus on a new group of young Supes that are just starting out to make their mark to one day become part of the Seven. Given the series’ usual staples of sex and violence, hormonal teenagers are definitely going to push that to new levels.

They have no details on what role Brown might be playing, but that he will appear in at least one episode of the season. In a college setting, it’s very likely that he’s either someone’s parent or could even be playing a professor. So, it’ll be fun to see if he has any powers of his own, which he’d definitely have a lot of fun with given the chance.

Source: One Take News

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