New ‘Spider-Man 2’ Trailer Reveals First Look at Kraven the Hunter & Symbiote Spider-Man

spider man 2

The Sony Showcase ended on a high note with our first look at Spider-Man 2’s major villain: Kraven the Hunter. Interestingly enough, it also looks like the game unveiled Spider-Man rocking the symbiote suit. We only knew that Venom was going to feature, but it was uncertain if you actually get to use his powers and they will use it to have Peter Parker’s Spider-Man be different from Miles Morales.

Also, they updated Miles’ suit to have a gliding function. So, we are seeing quite a few steps forward for the franchise. It’s uncertain if you can only switch between these two characters, as Mary Jane was also playable. The trailer also hinted at Lizard multiple times before unveiling him on the run from the duo. It seems the story will be built around the character and his struggle.

It’s looking like an exciting new entry, and we’re already seeing the rage in Peter Parker. While the “Six Months Later” element may have misled us to believe this is how the game kicks off, the Kraven segment is very likely how the game opens. It’ll be interesting to see how switching between Spider-Mans will affect your overworld experience and if they have unique missions for each character.

Source: YouTube

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