Monica Rambeau: The Story So Far

Finally, we have only a few more days until WandaVision gets released on Disney+. So, we thought it would be the perfect time to catch you guys up on some of the essential players in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the upcoming series. To kick it off, we’re taking a look at a character that appeared around two years ago on the silver screen for the first time. Canonically, she has been in the MCU for over 20 years, so she’ll be quite different when she makes her return to the franchise. So, let’s not waste time and take a closer look at Monica Rambeau.



Monica Rambeau made her debut in 2019’s Captain Marvel. She grew a close relationship with Carol Danvers, who she saw as part of their family. Monica would often refer to her as Auntie Carol. She, however, got the adorable nickname Lieutenant Trouble. When Carol was presumed dead after the accident with Lawson’s plane, young Monica refused to believe that her aunt died that day. She kept all of Carol’s things, so it would be ready when she made her eventual return. A few years later, they were finally reunited. Monica was essential to help jog Carol’s memories, which got jumbled after the explosion and her time with the Kree. Even at the age of eleven, Monica had quite a lot of insight and handled the sudden introduction to aliens almost better than her mother. Carol gave her the honor of choosing which color she should use for her former Kree uniform, which ended up being the iconic colors we know from her comic run.

All these events happen in 1995, so we won’t see her again until she’s all grown up. As far as we can tell, she is working for a government agency known as S.W.O.R.D. We’ll get a chance to possibly delve more into her personal history and story once we get into WandaVision. Lieutenant Trouble’s past experiences as a child and her interest in the bizarre make her the perfect character to help pull Wanda out of whatever strange sitcom-inspired dimension she is trapped in. Going by her comic origins, her inclusion might also tease a bright and heroic future for Rambeau.


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