EXCLUSIVE: John Leguizamo Talks New Comic ‘PhenomX,’ Hopes to See Adaptations

In an exclusive interview with Murphy’s Multiverse, Encanto actor John Leguizamo talks about his upcoming comic, PhenomX.

John Leguizamo is a talented multi-hyphenate, best known for his work as a comedian, film star, and voice actor. By the end of the year, fans will also be able to refer to him as a comic book writer. His new comic, a collaboration with Spawn creator Todd McFarlane titled PhenomX, debuts on Nov. 10. The story centers around protagonist Max Gomez, who is wrongfully imprisoned and agrees to become the subject of government experimentation to regain his freedom. Gomez finds himself with incredible shape-shifting abilities, which he uses to survive a superhuman war on the streets of New York.

Leguizamo was asked about the project during an exclusive interview with Murphy’s Multiverse, and his response was ecstatic:

Oh my God, I’m so excited about PhenomX. I mean, yeah, I didn’t see any Latin superheroes and I felt like, y’know, we have them in real life. I mean, half the Mets are Latinx, half of the Astros who went to the World Series are Latinx, and the Braves are Latinx. You have AOC, half the MMA. We have real life heroes, why aren’t they in comic books? So, I wrote this character and I took it to Todd McFarlane, the greatest comic book maker in the world, and he fell in love with my story and he’s going to publish it November 10 at Image Comics.

Leguizamo previously worked with McFarlane when he played the villain known as Violator in 1997’s live-action Spawn film. Now, it appears he’s using the connection to further his work towards Latinx representation in the mainstream. When asked if he’d be interested in any adaptations of PhenomX, the star of Disney’s upcoming Encanto film revealed he’s hoping for much more:

Y’know I’ve got big hopes. I have hopes that it’ll be turned into games, video games, movies, animation. Everything. I hope I can get it across the board, just make it everywhere.

Read PhenomX on November 10, and then catch Encanto in theaters on Nov. 24.

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