Taika Waititi To Direct Jodorowsky’s Graphic Novel ‘THE INCAL’

Taika Waititi makes his move from one famous comic to another, with The Incal, a graphic novel by legendary director Alejandro Jodorowsky and artist Moebius. The Thor: Love and Thunder director is attached to adapt and direct The Incal, with help from regular collaborator Jermaine Clement. The announcement video can be seen below:

Jodorowsky had nothing but nice words to say about Waititi:

When Humanoids’ CEO Fabrice Giger introduced me to Taika Waititi’s work, it became obvious to me that he was the one. I fully trust Taika’s creativity to give THE INCAL a stunning take, intimate and at the same time of cosmic proportions.

For the uninitiated, The Incal is a cosmic pic about a detective who stumbles upon the titular relic, known to bestow immense power, which other evil space factions are after. The saga chronicles the detective’s journey throughout the vast galaxy as he meets all sorts of quirky characters.

Jodorowsy’s vision, to say the least, is pretty damn trippy. Partnered with Moebius’ impressionistic visuals, the world that they put together for The Incal is nothing short of awe-inspiring. It’ll be interesting to see how Taika manages to wrangle all the crazy ideas and visuals together.

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