‘Ms. Marvel’ 2022 Delay Confirmed

ms marvel delay

When Marvel Studios announced all the Disney+ series airing in 2021, it seemed like quite the line-up, as we got trailers for WandaVision, Loki, and even a Ms. Marvel sizzle reel. As a result of delays, we had four films and six entire Disney+ series heading our way throughout the year. That doesn’t include the recently announced Hit-Monkey series and MODOK on Hulu. It’s been a busy year and with the lack of announcements surrounding Ms. Marvel, it hinted that she may get a later release. After a long wait, we finally got a confirmation that it’s indeed delayed until 2022.

Variety’s Adam B. Vary confirmed in a recent showcase of Marvel Studios’ upcoming releases that the series indeed got delayed. While no official release date got included, there have been rumors hinting at a potential February release. The timing would give the Disney+ series The Book of Boba Fett time to release its episodes and get the focus into the new year.

We know that her character will make her return in The Marvels, which will premiere in November. So, they might’ve decided to postpone its release to consider her return in the same year and continue work on the effects-heavy show. Hawkeye seems to rely on more practical effects, and they’ll require some work to get Ms. Marvel’s embiggening powers right. We only know she’ll gain additional abilities, which have yet to get confirmed outside of merchandise. Here’s hoping that Disney+ Day offers a look and timing for her debut.

Source: Twitter, Variety

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