‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 3 Primer

Episode 2 of Ms. Marvel, “Crushed”, was a very exciting episode. As Kamala comes to understand what her new powers can do, she learns from Bruno that her powers don’t come from the bangle, but that the bangle just triggers something already inside of her. Just as all that starts to come together, Kamala runs into the new kid at school named Kamran. Kamala starts crushing on Kamran immediately, making Bruno more than a little jealous.

The episode also makes good on the post-credit scene from the first episode that showed the Department of Damage Control taking an interest in Kamala. When Kamala saves a little boy, showcasing her superpowers once again, she not only gets the DODC’s attention again but also has a vision of a lady holding her hand out to her. At the very end of the episode, when Kamran helps Kamala escape the DODC, it’s revealed that this mysterious lady is actually Kamran’s mom.

Arlyn’s Assumptions

Why she was having visions about Kamran’s mom? Well, we don’t know but if I had to guess I think it might be because it is actually also Kamala’s great-grandmother, whose life story was at the center of much of Episode 2. It would be weird if she was just having visions about a random lady, but it would make sense that she would have visions about her if she had the bracelet before, too. In this next episode, I believe that her great-grandmother will explain everything to Kamala. She will help her understand her powers a little bit more and why she has been in her visions.

The next episode of Ms. Marvel will stream tomorrow!

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