‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 4 Primer

In episode 3 of Ms. Marvel, “Destined”, Kamala finds out more about her heritage and how the power inside of her works. After rescuing her from Damage Control at the end of the second episode, Kamran’s mom, Najma, fills Kamala about the true nature of her great-grandma, Aisha, who is a Djinn from the Noor Dimension. Najma and Aisha believed that a pair of bangles, one of which Kamala now wears, could return them and their exiled family back home. Najma and her family, the Clandestine, seem harmless and and to only want Kamala’s help in using the bangle to open a portal to the Noor Dimension.

While Kamala learns the truth about her heritage and asks Bruno to help her send the Clandestine home, her brother’s wedding takes center stage. Unfortunately, it turns out that Najma isn’t so trustworthy after all and quickly decides to make Kamala try to send them home, despite a warning from Bruno that it might be very dangerous. After being warned by Kamran that the Clandestine are on their way and that everyone at the wedding is in danger, Kamala pulls the fire alarm, essentially ruining the wedding. She does this to save everyone from getting hurt but it only hurts her relationship with her family. Kamala survives a fight with the Clandestine, which is interrupted when Damage Control shows us and takes them into custody. When she returns home, she is too afraid to tell her family that she is Night Light. At the very end of the episode, her Nani calls Kamala and says that she needs to come to Karachi right away. Nani insists this because she saw the same vision of a train that Kamala saw during her fight with Najma.

Why her Nani sees the same vision as her is pretty self-explanatory. She probably has the same powers as Kamala and the bangle is connected to them both. Kamala’s mom probably also has this power but she is hiding it from Kamala, just the same way she hid the bangle at first. If her mom does have the same power then we can assume that she has the same visions as well.

Arlyn’s Assumptions

In this next episode, I know that Kamala goes to Karachi. In order to get there, Kamala must tell her mom about everything that has happened, including her powers and the visions she is seeing. Either that, or she’s going to be sneaking out for one heck of a trip! It’s also going to be interesting to hear another side of Aisha’s story, this time from someone who seems like a little less of a villain than Najma. Will their stories match up? Almost definitely not, so I’m thinking this episode will reveal the truth about Aisha, the Clandestine and Kamala’s heritage.

The next episode of Ms. Marvel will stream on Disney+ tomorrow!

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