‘Ms. Marvel’: Rish Shah Playing the Inhuman Kamran

Ms. Marvel has only just entered production early on, but we still got a sneak preview during Disney’s Investor Day. We don’t have too many official details on the Disney+ series’ casting. A while back, the Illuminerdi broke the news that Inhumans Red Dagger and Kamran would be joining the project. The latter is a rather interesting addition, as he was a key player in the original comic series as Kamala’s love interest. He also turned out to be Inhuman. Kamran can charge his body with bioluminescence that he transfers into inanimate objects. The moment he does this, these objects become miniature bombs. Well, it looks like the actor Rish Shah has confirmed his involvement via Instagram with the upcoming Disney+ series and that he will be playing Kamran. @cosmic_marvel was able to get a snapshot of his story where he confirmed it.


There hasn’t been any information on how large a role he has currently. His involvement with the project would hint at them following the iconic storyline from the comics. Now, it was an essential moment in Kamala’s road to becoming a hero so I won’t spoil it here. Still, the inclusion of other Inhumans may be confirming that this series is building up an entire section of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that has yet to be explored through Marvel Studios. We still do not know if the Royal Family might make an appearance at some point, but Charles was able to find some clues to Maximus’ potentially appearing, which you can find here. Hopefully, we get some tease of what the Inhuman future within the MCU might look like once the show airs next year.

Source: Twitter, Illuminderdi

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