‘THE MANDALORIAN’ CHAPTER 15: Din Shows His True Face

Ever since meeting up with Bo-Katan back in Chapter 11, Din Djarin has been showing signs of trying to reframe his beliefs. Not only has he realized that he does not seem to grasp the history of both Mandalore and its people, but also that how he was raised isn’t the only way for a Mandalorian to go through life. The most obvious of his mandates is how he should not remove his helmet in the presence of other living beings. This development is something that, ever since Chapter 1, has sometimes gone against his immediate interests, such as his time on Sorgan. Yet, somehow he was able to uphold it in some way, mostly at least.

Here’s a spoiler warning. If you haven’t watched the latest episode yet then only continue at your own risk, as we will spoiler a major reveal from the episode.


Right after leaving Bo-Katan on his way to Nevarro, we saw how Mando is now a bit more relaxed regarding his no-mask policy, especially around Grogu. As both were enjoying some chowder, we got a glimpse of “Chin Djarin” as he didn’t bother leaving the room to eat on his own. Instead, he lifted his helmet just enough, not caring if Grogu looked at him or not. And now, as we approach the season finale, with Grogu’s life on the line, Chapter 15 couldn’t make it more clear that fatherhood is Mando’s new creed.

The mission they set out on has hit a few snags. And at least two of them could be swiftly overcome if Din went against the “don’t remove the helmet” directive. On both occasions, he doesn’t even flinch anymore. It’s like Din has come to understand there’s something more important at stake and that the weight of the old ways that he believed in has lessened. He exchanged his Beskar helmet for an Empire one to infiltrate the base. Not just that, he goes as far as removing it altogether when faced with a do-or-die situation, where Grogu would forever be beyond his reach.



There’s a point when Mayfeld manages to put into words what we as the audience were dying to ask: “Is it that you can’t take off your Mando helmet, or you can’t show your face?”. Din is now clearly bending the rules as he sees fit. He is somehow still a bit stuck in his old behaviors out of force of habit but has yet to realize that he has already left his old way of life behind him. That might have been what once guided him, but now his life has an entirely new meaning that he has finally learned to embrace. His final words, directed at Moff Gideon, sum it up perfectly: “Soon, he will be back with me. He means more to me than you will ever know.” That’s likely to be something he never said regarding his guild.

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