What to Expect from Marvel Studios 2023 Streaming Series

As we bring in the New Year, we take a closer look at what to expect from Marvel Studios on Disney+ this year.

As of now, it looks like Marvel Studios will be pushing out three streaming series in 2023. Spread out over Spring, Summer and Fall, the series couldn’t really be any different from one another than they are though all three do share one thing in common: very little is known about them to date! To fix that and get you primed for 2023, we share what it is we know about each project.

Secret Invasion

When news of this series was first broken by the trades, it was described as a Nick Fury-centric project, so after years of being an important supporting character, Fury gets to shine in Secret Invasion. Fans looking for this to be an Avengers cameo fest like the comic book event of the same name are likely barking up the wrong tree. This is likely to be a much more personal and small-scale paranoid thriller that revolves a little more closely around the worlds of Fury and Talos and those in their orbits such as Rhodey, Talos’ daughter and Olivia Colman’s Sonya Falsworth. Kingsley Ben-Adir’s Skrull villain has a history with Talos’ family which lends itself to being a much smaller story.

Obviously, Skrulls have been on Earth for some time now and have infiltrated positions of power and Europe seems to be a hot spot. The official description from Disney Plus indicates that the Skrulls, much like in the comics, want Earth to be their new planet and crew gifts that were handed out indicate that the story may take some inspiration from the comics in the form of Ben-Adir’s faction believing the Earth was prophesied to belong to them. Outside of that, this isn’t the Avengers-level event you’re looking for.

Loki Season 2

Even though there’s great connectivity and continuity from Season 1 with Eric Martin taking over for Michael Waldron, going into Season 2 expecting more of the same would be a mistake. What you think you know about the end of Season 1 may not be quite right…and it could lead to one hell of a wild ride.

All of Season 1’s key players are back and Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddleston‘s fantastic chemistry will be at the forefront again, so expect some more laughs. However, this is still a wild time-traveling adventure and it will explore the fallout from Sylvie’s choices in the Season 1 finale. Ke Huy Quan‘s Bo plays a major role in dealing with that fallout and much like Season 1, you’ll probably be surprised by who the villain of the series actually is (unless you’ve already been spoiled) and how important this series is to the overall plot of the Multiverse Saga.


“Dark arts vs. technology.” It sounded hard to believe at first, but Marvel Studios has taken the dive in Ironheart, due out sometime in the Fall. Riri Williams’ debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever means fans will already know a bit about the character when the series begins which is perfect because it’s going to take some time to wrap their brains around Sacha Baron Cohen‘s Mephisto and his deal with Anthony Ramos‘ Parker Robbins.

The footage of this screened exclusively at D23 put an emphasis on Robbins and his gang of misfits, which he wants Williams to join. It also looked upbeat and incredibly fun, giving the impression that this series may be the surprise hit of 2023.

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