‘Secret Invasion’ Crew Merch Hints at the Arrival of the Skrull God

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After a bunch of photos found their way online from the Secret Invasion set, things have gone a bit cold. Yet, Twitter user @DadandLad4 has seemingly shared a baseball cap from the Disney+ series’ production. While we’re still a bit puzzled about the mysterious owl with a clock, there’s Skrull writing on the side of the baseball cap. Our team quickly took the time to analyze what it might mean and it hints at a rather interesting comic tie-in.

The writing seemingly spells out “He Loves You.” While it seems rather strange at first, this small phrase actually has quite the comic history. It is commonly said by the Skrulls when they reference their Skrull God Kly’bn. He was actually an Eternal as the Celestials created him on the planet of Skrullos as well. What makes him important to Skrull lore is that he was the one that made a prophecy they’d find a new home. There’s an iconic moment from The Incredible Hercules #119 that references this iconic phrase, which was a tie-in to the Secret Invasion comic storyline.

So, it seems that we might get to explore more of Skrull’s history in the upcoming Disney+ series, which is a great showcase of how the franchise is starting to expand its mythology moving forward. The owl actually has Nick Fury’s eyepatch and the green color may be connected to the Skrulls. Yet, the owl and time might have a thematic connection throughout the series and might even tie into the Skrull God Kly’bn tease, who was the one to prophecies they’d find a new home planet.

Source: Twitter

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