Murphy’s Team-Up Volume 24: Teaming-Up with Ms. Marvel

Now that Ms. Marvel is in the MCU, we take turns talking about who we’d like to see her team-up with down the road.

Anthony Canton III on Layla El-Faouly

I can imagine a world where Ms. Marvel has a longer Season 2 in episodes and a more expansive story. There feels like more to explore in Karachi. As Kamala continues to learn more about her family legacy she could run into another hero while she’s there. Enter the Scarlet Scarab.

One of the more curious decisions in the Moon Knight finale was not seeing where Layla El-Faouly is going next. We get the line when the young girl is asking Layla if she’s an Egyptian superhero and she says yes. How about Kamala and Layla run a quick mission spanning two episodes?

Layla could be in town searching for something or someone and happen to run into Kamala. Culturally it would be an excellent moment to continue telling these stories of representation. You can also simultaneously continue Ms. Marvel’s story and have a streamline into what could be next for Layla and Moon Knight. I also imagine the two would have fun conversations about growing up and what type of hero they want to be.

Dalbin Osorio on Ironheart

Dominique Thorne and Iman Vellani are both magic, and I cannot wait to see Ironheart and Ms. Marvel interact.  Seeing these two legacy heroes, with potential connections to Kang. trying to navigate the world they’ve grown up in with these heroes they’ve looked up to (assuming Ironheart respects Tony and doesn’t despise him) will be something special. Being the heroes that follow the past and future of the MCU is weighty enough, but when we factor in that they will arguably be the most powerful heroes in their generation, the possibilities are endless. What’s even cooler is that these are two girls of color that will give more girls of color more heroes to look up to, and the MCU deserves more representation.

Mary Maerz on Captain America

I would love to see Kamala Khan and Sam Wilson meet and work together. Kamala would without a doubt have some sweet and humorous fangirl reactions to meeting Captain America. In the comics, Kamala often had a very wholesome relationship with Tony Stark/Iron Man while she was an Avenger. We no longer have Tony or Iron Man, but Sam Wilson as Cap seems like he could take on that mentor role phenomenally. A lot of Kamala’s struggles with who she looked up to involved comic events like Civil War II, which so far do not look like they will play much if any role in the near future. So, with no current sides being drawn between the above-the-line Avengers, there is no reason Sam could not, to some extent, take Kamala under his literal wing. Sam is a phenomenal character whose future I am also very excited for, and I think their relationship could easily bring out some of the best and most inspiring aspects of each of them.

MTF III on America Chavez

No matter what you think of MCU Phase 4 as a whole, there’s no denying that Iman Vellani and Xochitl Gomez have been delightful, both in and out of character. But while Ms. Marvel was able to firmly ensconce Kamala in a Jersey City that feels vibrant and culturally rich, where we last left America Chavez at the end of Multiverse of Madness wasn’t nearly as character-enriching. And while it’s certainly possible that our star-punching firecracker can establish found family among grown adult sorcerers in Kamer Taj, placing America alongside characters her age in a diverse city filled with people she can potentially converse with in Spanish will be far more beneficial for her in the long run. And the commonalities and contrasts between South Asian and Latinx cultures can lend more depth and meaning to their interactions, both for the characters themselves, and for the viewers. 

On the superpower side, we were able to see Kamala level up considerably across a handful of episodes of her show. Those of us who are fans of America in the comics know what she is capable of, so seeing her level up alongside a fellow potential Young Avenger while they trade quips would only serve to endear us to America more as she actualizes, and to Kamala more as she gets to nerd out with tandem attacks and training in the way that only a hardcore comics/superhero fan can. Just imagine the wacky fun she could cook up, which America would be more than inclined to try. And imagine the universes they could jump into and trouble they could find, all between 3:00 and curfew. Sign me up for #AmeriKhan — there’s a portmanteau, so you know it works.

Torbjorn Frazier on Loki

Kamala Khan and Loki Laufeyson are the odd couple partnership the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) deserves. Maybe besides Steve Rogers, there isn’t a character in the MCU that personifies pure good morality as a superhero more than Ms. Marvel. And pairing her with the literal God of Mischief would provide each other the perfect foil for one another and could become an instant fan-favorite partnership. The themes of family are critical to both characters in extremely different ways, and gaining understanding about each other’s experience would provide interesting perspective and growth for both Kamala and Loki. In addition, Bisha K. Ali has experience writing for both of these characters on their respective Disney+ shows which could help ensure a strong tonal fit for a hypothetical team-up. While it would take a relatively major shuffling of the deck in the MCU to allow Ms. Marvel and Loki to team-up, it’d certainly be a worthwhile viewing experience (and potentially set the stage for a Kid Loki to fit into a Young Avengers line-up down the road).

Charles Murphy on Shang-Chi

Kamala Khan and Shang-Chi don’t have an awful lot in common. One was trained to be an assassin and grew up in a household shattered by the murder of his mother. The other grew up in a household full of love while fangirling over Carol Danvers and other superheroes. But both of them now possess ancient alien artifacts of enormous power that have pushed them into a world they weren’t quite ready for. Ms. Marvel seemed to set the table a little for this team-up when the Ten Rings logo was seen on the cave floor where the bangle was found, but right now it’s not entirely clear where that will go. Whatever the case, seeing these get these two heroes together on screen seems to be nothing more than a matter of time.

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