‘Skeleton Crew’ Disney+ Series Budget Among ‘Star Wars’ Highest, Eyeing 2023 Release

skeleton crew release

Star Wars has mostly become a Disney+ exclusive franchise for now, as we’re still waiting for any news on the mysterious films that were promised back during Disney’s Investors Day by CEO Kathleen Kennedy. Until now, it seems those productions are continuing to face various delays but nothing is standing in the way of their Disney+ series. Among them is Jon Watts‘ upcoming Skeleton Crew. In a new piece by Hollywood Reporter, we may have gotten our first tease of just how big this project may end up being.

A new piece on the California tax credits gained by big projects also includes a brief statement on some Skeleton Crew details. It seems the project’s production budget is around $136M, which would put it among the highest costing series for the streaming service. The production also is receiving $20.9M in credit from California. The project by the Spider-Man: No Way Home director is currently eyeing a 2023 release but no further details on when that might be.

There were reports that Obi-Wan Kenobi had a lower production budget than even The Mandalorian, but as we have little official confirmation, we can only theorize. So, it’s surprising we get a more exact number with Star Wars: Skeleton Crew. It’ll be exciting to see just how Watts will tackle this project and how the story of a group of kids getting lost in space might be explored. With Jude Law attached, we are still waiting for some casting announcements but if it’s eyeing a 2023 release, production ill likely start rather soon.

Source: Hollywood Reporter, Epic Stream

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