Murray Bartlett Accidentally Confirms Nick Offerman Joined HBO’s ‘The Last Of Us’

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Sometimes you never know when you get a confirmation bout an actor joining a project. Normally, trades report when an actress or actor joined a project, but there are some they try to keep a secret. Just like with Bill Murray in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, they may just confirm it personally even if the studios wanted to avoid it becoming public information. Alternatively, a fellow actor might accidentally confirm it, which is the case here. In an interview with The Guardian, actor Murray Bartlett accidentally revealed that Nick Offerman is involved with HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us.

It’s co-created by Craig Mazin, who did Chernobyl. The scripts he’s written blew my head off. It’s an epic show, but beautifully human and intimate. We filmed it in Calgary. A lot of my scenes are with Nick Offerman. Playing off him was awesome.

Of course, this now raises the question of what character he might potentially be playing in the upcoming series. The series might stray in some ways from the original, especially with some set photos teasing elements from the game’s sequel getting implemented into the adaptation. So, while the core story might remain the same they’ll build up to a unique take on its core storyline moving forward. Of course, we won’t know for sure until the series officially premieres on HBO.

Source: The Guardian

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