Kevin Feige Teases The Future of the Netflix Marvel Characters in the MCU

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With Charlie Cox’s return as Daredevil confirmed by Kevin Feige, there were always going to be further questions about whether other characters from the Netflix series could follow suit. Fans have been clamoring for some of the actors to jump into the MCU since the cancellation of the various shows. Now with Cox emerging as Matt Murdock once again, the chances of some of those other characters also appearing might go up. Screenrant spoke to Feige about the possibility of those Netflix Marvel characters appearing in the MCU, who had a rather curious statement on their potential future:

I always say that whenever a character comes back into the Marvel sandbox, it becomes another tool in the storytelling ability of the MCU. As I said before, the good news is, all will be revealed when people actually finally watch.

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Feige suggesting that the MCU is ‘the Marvel sandbox’ suggests a clear line in the sand for characters outside it. It could be suggested that characters outside of the sandbox may not get the full range of freedom those inside do. It still remains to be seen whether those Netflix Marvel characters will be exactly the same ones we previously saw on screen, but with Marvel Studios liking to do things their way, as with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, it seems clear that these actors could be playing MCU variants of their previously played characters. It’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for these characters.

Source: Screenrant 

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