Leaked Live-Action ‘One Piece’ BTS Photo Offers First Look at Zoro’s Three-Sword Style

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Just last month, actor Taz Skylar teased his kicking techniques for the role of Sanji in Netflix’s One Piece series. As the cast slowly arrived in South Africa, it opened the question of when they might start production. Future Zoro actor Mackenyu was the only one missing, as the others started preparing for their respective roles. Well, it looks like he may have arrived finally and work has started on bringing these characters and their unique fighting styles to life. Zoro is famous for this three-sword style – also knowns as Santōryū – and a new leaked image from stunt training offers our first look at it in action.

While it’s a bit hard to make out if this is a stunt double or Mackenyu himself, but we can definitely recognize that they are wielding the third sword during this training. If you are not familiar with the series, Zoro wields a blade in each hand with a third in his mouth, which the person is doing in this new photo which was provided by @OP_Netflix_Fan. It’s also a great confirmation that the team behind Netflix’s live-action adaptation is not going to shy away from the iconic elements of these characters.

As stated, it’s uncertain if this is actually the actor Mackenyu or a stunt double. We don’t know how long they’ll be investing in pre-production but it seems unlikely they might start production before Christmas, but we might get an announcement similar to the live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender. So, we might get a set photo with the cast as they enter production, but we’re still waiting for any other casting announcements for the supporting cast.

Source: Twitter

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