Taz Skylar Teases Sanji’s Kicks for Netflix ‘One Piece’ Series

one piece taz skylar

Just recently, we finally found out who the actors are that’ll play the live-action versions of the Straw Hats in Netflix’s upcoming adaptation of One Piece. The story will explore the East Blue, which means we’ll get introduced to the first five members of the crew. Among them is Taz Skylar, who’ll take on the role of chef extraordinaire, Sanji. While future Zoro, Mackenyu, has quite a bit of experience with sword fighting through his work on Rurouni Kenshin: The Final to bring his character to life, Skylar has quite the challenge ahead of him to bring the signature kick-only style of Sanji to life.

We’re still waiting for an official start of the production, but To showcase what he’s been working on, the actor took to Instagram to share his training. As Instagram Stories are only limited for a certain amount of time, @OP_Netflix_Fan was nice enough to provide the video of his training. The actor is certainly excited about the role and is sharing it with others through his page.

We’ve seen others do the same, such as the future Luffy, Iñaki Godoy, sharing his research on Instagram. We saw the excitement for the cast in the announcement video, especially Emily Rudd, who’s a long-time Nami fan, wearing a necklace with her character’s name on it and Jacob Romero Gibson shouting some classic lines. Skylar has actively teased some inspiration, such as British chef Marco Pierre White being one of his inspirations for his take on the character in a previous post. He’s also actively interacting with the fanbase, which is always great to see. Here’s hoping the wait for any future announcement isn’t too far now.

Source: Instagram, Instagram (White)

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