New ‘Batwoman’ Set Photo Offers Full Look at Arrowverse’s Joker

batwoman joker

The young actor Kendrick Jackson has shared some behind-the-scenes photos from Batwoman to celebrate his return to the role of Marquis Jet. The first photo to catch everyone’s attention is the inclusion of what is seemingly our first full look at the Arrowverse series’ version of the Joker, who was only hinted at in the series. The photo offers a full look at the actor Nathan Dashwood in his costume as the iconic Clown Prince of Crime, which showcases just how comic-accurate their version was.

For those that haven’t seen the latest episodes yet, there’s an ongoing trend of familiar villains making their return due to the various trophies that Batman collected over the years are leading to a new generation of villains. In the post-Crisis timeline, the Joker was killed by Batman with the new Batwoman’s brother, Marquis Jet, inheriting the role.

The above reveals hints that we’ll revisit the original version before his death at some point in the story. Jet becoming the new CEO of Wayne Enterprises will definitely lead to quite the conflict and redefine what makes a Joker in the CW series. Batwoman has been trying to take the characters we grew up with and add a twist to them, which this “Inheritance” plotline has certainly enabled. We’ll see if they have way more plans for the future.

Source: Instagram

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