New BTS ‘One Piece’ Image Confirms Nami’s New Look Inspired by Unused Concept Art

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One Piece is only a few more weeks away and we’re slowly getting more and more teases of what’s to come. Netflix’s live-action adaptation of the popular manga will not only take inspiration from the original but even go beyond to take elements from Eiichiro Oda’s 25+ years of work on the series and its complex world.

We saw that most of the Straw Hats’ outfits will be taken from various sources such as One Piece’s color illustrations as well as the various manga covers. A new behind-the-scenes post from the official One Piece Twitter account has seemingly given us a confirmation that we can expect a rather interesting costume design for Nami that might be familiar to those that have been with the series since its early days.

Emily Rudd’s outfit with the orange-striped legging is inspired by the early design of the character of Nami before she was introduced into the manga. Early concept art featured her with similar black jeans, the orange-striped legging, and a white top. She even had her hair tied back but we won’t be getting the giant axe anytime soon.

These kinds of teases showcase just how deep the love for One Piece is for everyone involved with the production. Even small things as the costumes are taken from Oda’s work. The fact they even found a way to include the concept art feels like a great way to let some of his earlier ideas finally make it into the story. Here’s hoping the show can live up to that love and go on for many more seasons.

Source: Twitter

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