Rumor Control: The Cast of Marvel Studios ‘Fantastic Four’

fantastic four casting

Marvel Studios highly anticipated Fantastic Four reboot continues to be a hot topic. Though its release date was recently bumped to May 2nd, 2025, the ongoing WGA and SAG strikes could produce a domino effect that bump it even further down the road should production the projects that were in the midst of filming drag too far into 2024. Strikes aside, casting rumors about the film have hardly slowed down. Recently, a pair of talented actors took their turns in the rumor mill but are they signed, sealed and delivered? While there’s no way we’re going to confirm or deny anything at all, here’s what we’ve heard about Vanessa Kirby and Joseph Quinn’s involvement with Fantastic Four.

Vanessa Kirby

It’s been made clear since the casting process for Fantastic Four began that director Matt Shakman hoped to cast his Susan Storm first and then build out from there. With that in mind, it always seemed pretty suspicious that so many casting rumors were centered on Reed Richards when there was no Sue. Kirby’s name was one that made a few trips through the rumor mill, seemingly ebbing and flowing in the opposite direction of Margot Robbie’s. Over the last week, Kirby’s name popped back up with several different scoopers indicating that she had landed the role of Susan Storm and news reached us that corroborates that info. From what we’ve heard, however, Kirby is the only actor believed to have actually agreed to a deal before the SAG strike.

Joseph Quinn

So where does that leave Stranger Things breakout star Joseph Quinn? It sounds like Quinn is the choice for Johnny Storm (concept art of the actor as the Human Torch has been spotted, we hear) and is expected to close a deal once Hollywood returns to business as usual. However, with no end date to the SAG strike in sight, it would be wise not to count any eggs before they hatch as any number of snags with scheduling could potentially cause Quinn to end up on the outside looking in and Marvel looking for a different Torch.

No new ground is being broken here simply some support and clarification for what’s already out there but given the wild times in Hollywood, nobody should hold their breath on either of these two stars being in Fantastic Four until after production on the reboot wraps…if it ever starts.

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