‘Vision Quest’ Series May Introduce One of Marvel Comics Champions

Paul Bettany‘s Vision has had quite a run in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From weapon of mass destruction to family man to weapon of mass destruction again, Vision has often found himself a pawn. One thing Vision has not done much of, however, is to write his own story but that might be something the blank slate White Vision gets a chance to do in the upcoming Vision Quest streaming series and a new rumor points in that direction.

In a series of rumors from an anonymous source shared by the mods at r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers, there’s a compelling nugget of information about a potential plot point of Vision Quest. The rumor suggests that Bettany’s White Vision, last seen flying off from his battle inside the Hex in the final of WandaVision, will gain a daughter during the series: Viv Vision. In the comics, Viv Vision is a synthezoid created, along with her brother Vin and his wife, Virgina, by Vision to allow him to explore the complexities of the human family unit. Things did not go as planned for the Visions (as told in Tom King’s wonderful 12-issue run on Vision) but eventually Viv found herself a spot on a team of young heroes known as The Champions.

The adaptation and exploration of Tom King‘s excellent work on the comics would come as no surprise to those who have read it and the idea that the White Vision would be interested in starting from scratch to study the emotions associated with a family make sense. While he possesses the memories of the original Vision, the White Vision will certainly need to have his own experiences to understand the idea of a family unit given that Wanda and Vision’s Hex family would NOT be part of said memories.

Vision Quest is being developed by WandaVision and Agatha: Coven of Chaos showrunner Jac Schaeffer and currently has no release window.

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