New ‘Deadpool 3’ Set Photo Offers First Look at Hugh Jackman in Comic-Accurate Wolverine Suit

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Just recently, we had a first look at Ryan Reynolds‘ new Deadpool costume in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe threequel. As the entry was moving away from 20th Century Fox, many were hoping this meant we’d also get Hugh Jackman‘s Wolverine to finally wear a comic-accurate costume of his own. His return gave many the hope that we’ll finally give the actor the chance to have one last go after Logan to be a bit closer to the comics.

Luckily, the latest set photos from the production have finally confirmed that he will, in fact, wear the iconic yellow outfit from the comics. It seems strongly inspired by the Astonishing X-Men run and it’s crazy to see the actor actually wear a costume that isn’t just black leather or a brown jacket. Even X-Men: Days of Future Past only gave him some yellow highlights and remained true to the 2000s X-Men franchise.

It is bonkers to think that he’s been playing the character for over 20 years and never had the chance to actually don the iconic suit. Deadpool 3 is the perfect time for his character to return and get that iconic look, as it blends the two worlds together in a potential multiversal storyline. Plus, it would’ve been a shame for these two giants not to meet with the entire Deadpool franchise building up to their eventual meeting.

Source: Twitter

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