New ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ Crew Merch Teases a New Guardians Logo

guardians of the galaxy 3 crew merch

It looks like some more wrap gifts have found their way online from the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 productions. While it doesn’t give us any big revelations or teases for the future entry, it does include one rather interesting detail. markmantastic has taken to his TikTok account to share some of the best and worst wrap gifts he received while working on various films. He included in one video a look at a new jacket from Vol. 3 that includes a brand new logo on the sleeve of the jacket, as shared by @dano_cosmic alongside other little details from crew merch.

The original logo seemed strongly inspired by the Nova Corps from the first film, but the updated one has quite a bit more texture to it. There are added elements, but it’s unclear if it finds their way into the actual film. The original log wasn’t highlighted in the first two films, but we did see some set photos of the team wearing an actual uniform. So, it may be part of that as the family unites to face their biggest threat yet. The neon-esque design is also an interesting detail that may be a signifier of which direction director James Gunn is going with the threequel’s visual palette.

It wouldn’t be surprising to have Gunn go all out with this potentially being his last entry in the franchise. So, we might expect the most emotional storyline of them all, which is not an easy task after the gut punch that was Yondu’s death in Vol. 2. The fact Rocket is highlighted in the cap and he’s been a character that’s been heavily highlighted for taking center stage in the upcoming story does continue to add pressure to the many theories surrounding the project.

Source: TikTok via Twitter

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