First Look at CW’s ‘Gotham Knights’ in New Promo

gotham knights promo

It seemingly took CW little time to get the adaptation of Gotham Knights on the road. Not only did it start production quite swiftly but it even got a production order. Coinciding with the upcoming release of the game with the same name, expectations were high. Yet, we were quite surprised when Oscar Morgan was cast as Turner Hayes, the series equivalent to Dick Grayson. While we got a promo shot, it seems that an actual teaser trailer for the pilot episode has found its way online through SpoilerTV.

It’s quite strange that they’d release a 3-minute trailer that seemingly was meant to go online on Twitter given its format. The story seemingly will just instantly reveal that Bruce Wayne is Batman, as not-Dick Grayson tries to find out who was the one that killed his father. After getting arrested alongside other suspects, he is seemingly going to join forces with them to uncover who exactly did it. We get some small hints at these characters’ history, such as Carrie Kelly being called “little Robin” and Duela’s origin as the daughter of the Joker.

The trailer seems like the most CW one of the DC series have ever looked. If it weren’t for the mention of Batman and a brief glimpse at the Batcave later on, it wouldn’t really feel like this is part of a DC-inspired world. We’ll see if perhaps they are holding back for the final episode to reveal these characters’ more heroic (or even villainous) natures to build up the seasonal arc.

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