‘Moon Knight’ Head Writer Explains Why The Series Avoided Classic Antagonist

There’s a very good reason Moon Knight opts not to use Bushman in its Disney Plus series.

When Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight lands on Disney+ tomorrow, viewers will meet quite a few characters they’ve never seen before. This is because, in large part thanks to the protagonist’s obscure origins, some of them are original creations for the show. Among these new faces is Ethan Hawke‘s villain Arthur Harrow, who takes his name from a very minor comic character but is otherwise a brand new character exclusive to the live-action series. The inclusion of Harrow in Moon Knight’s origin story, as opposed to better-known antagonist Bushman, confused some diehard fans of the character’s lore. Luckily, the series’ head writer Jeremy Slater has taken to Twitter to explain the reason behind the decision.

In the comics, Raoul Bushman is originally Marc Spector’s primary mercenary partner. This lasts until Bushman and Spector have a disagreement over the former’s alarmingly violent tactics, which results in Bushman beating Spector to a pulp and leaving him for dead in the desert. The event is how Spector becomes Moon Knight in the first place, and the vigilante eventually uses his newfound abilities to take revenge on Bushman. Some supernatural events have allowed the two rivals to clash on a couple more occasions (including one extremely graphic incident in which Spector carved off Bushman’s face), causing Bushman to become Moon Knight’s arch-nemesis.

In Moon Knight, Arthur Harrow is described as a sort of cult leader who comes to blows with Marc Spector and Steven Grant. The name Harrow is lifted from an evil scientist who appeared in a single issue of the Moon Knight comics in 1985. It remains to be seen just what role he plays in the protagonist’s MCU adventures.

Source: Twitter

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