‘Moon Knight’ Showrunner Wants to Write Marvel’s Mutants Next

Moon Knight head writer, Jeremy Slater, wants to tackle the Mutants next for Marvel Studios.

Jeremy Slater has a history of adapting comic books. He already has a few other well-known works like Fantastic Four and The Umbrella Academy under his belt, and his latest project, Moon Knight, is set to drop one episode at a time on Disney+ over the next six weeks. Over the next few years, the writer will be busy working on Warner Bros.’ untitled Mortal Kombat sequel and a few other projects, but he’s already got a dream comic he’d like to tackle should the opportunity arise. When asked by a fan on Twitter which Marvel character he’d like to write for after Moon Knight, the creative responded with a few famous mutants who recently arrived in the Disney stable.

The X-Men will join the MCU someday soon, with big boss Kevin Feige confirming a new project tentatively titled The Mutants is on the horizon. It’s unknown which mutants will actually appear in the film, or even which team the movie would actually focus on, but it now seems safe to say Slater could throw his hat in the ring to be involved with the behind-the-scenes process. Excalibur is an offshoot of the X-Men in the comics, acting as a superhero mutant team based out of the United Kingdom instead of the United States. The group was originally founded by Captain Britain and his lover Meggan, accompanied by the aforementioned Nightcrawler, Kitty Pryde, and Pheonix. As referenced by Slater, the team often encountered slightly more experimental threats than their mainstream counterpart. A film from the guy who wrote Moon Knight and Umbrella Academy could potentially be something very unique.

The first episode of Moon Knight hits Disney+ on March 30th. You can check out our review by heading here.

Source: Twitter

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