‘Moon Knight’ Head Writer Teases “Weird” Final Two Episodes

Moon Knight head writer Jeremy Slater promises fans the final two episodes of the series will be “weird” during a Twitter Q&A.

The upcoming Disney+ Marvel Cinematic Universe installment, Moon Knight, already promises to be one of Marvel Studios’ most unique projects. Considering the series is based on a character with dissociative identity disorder who acts as the fist of vengeance for an Egyptian god, that is not too hard to grasp. Still, it looks like Moon Knight might get even crazier than everything seen so far.

Series head writer Jeremy Slater responded to a fan on Twitter who asked what his favorite episode is. While not his “fave,” it is interesting how Slater brings the final two episodes into the conversation:

The pilot is my sentimental fave, because it changed the least throughout the years, and huge chunks of it were taken directly from my very first pitch to Kevin Feige. But I also can’t wait for everyone to see just how weird the last two episodes get!

Jeremy Slater

It is worth noting that Slater is specifically referring to the only two episodes that critics have not seen. Moon Knight directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead teased an exciting ending of the fourth episode, as well. It seems safe to say that the series’ creators believe viewers can expect a “weird” and wild conclusion to the still-mysterious show.

The first episode of Moon Knight premieres on March 30 on Disney+.

Source: Twitter

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