New ‘Lightyear’ Trailer Reveals Emperor Zurg’s Redesign

lightyear zurg

The new Lightyear trailer has finally dropped which gives us a look at a reinvented look of our favorite Toy Story character. Pixar tackles the character’s story as Chris Evans’ Buzz Lightyear heads out into space after being marooned on a planet. In his travels, he’ll face various dangers which include the return of a familiar villainous face.

In the trailer, he briefly mentions that they are being hunted by a robot that might be familiar to fans of Toy Story 2, as he wields a triple-barreled weapon which many will instantly recognize as the go-to weapon for his arch-rival Emperor Zurg.


The design looks great while still keeping elements from the original like his eyes. He noticeably no longer has his cape, but it would seem out of place in what looks like an inorganic world. There was a great sense of adventure and danger for our hero, and it felt very adult for what you usually expect with Pixar’s offerings. So, we’re quite excited to check their upcoming film, which hopefully won’t just end on Disney+ again.

You can check out the trailer right here:

Source: YouTube

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