‘Marvel’s Avengers: ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Black Widow Skin Leaked Early

avengers game black widow

It looks like a new skin for an upcoming shipment may have accidentally leaked early, as a recent update of Marvel’s Avengers has led to the reveal that the next shipment will include Avengers: Age of Ultron-inspired design for Black Widow. Currently, Iron Man 3‘s iconic golden armor was made available as part of the next shipments but it seems the update added the next unlockable design for when the next iteration of shipments kicks off, which is the game’s offering to earn cosmetics through grinding various missions.

User @LewisXI19 shared a good look at the costume that seems mostly true to the films with a very bright red hair. This isn’t the first time that skin like this managed to leak online, as there was a similar case with Hawkeye’s Captain America: Civil War skin, as pointed out by the user this isn’t the first time. The design looks great and the Age of Ultron costume added a lot of neon elements to her costume, which still stands out to this day as she usually focused on primary black, undercover designs.

We’re still anxiously awaiting any news on what the future has in store for the game. They’ve confirmed they are working on new updates, but it’s uncertain just what we can expect not only from the roadmap but from the year overall. They have mostly focused on teasing content for half a year rather than the full one. So, we shouldn’t expect to know what’ll release by December once the roadmap drops. Still, it’s fun to speculate and we’ll see what the future has in store.

Source: Twitter

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