New ‘Moon Knight’ Teaser Offers First Look at Ethan Hawke’s Mystery Villain

moon knight ethan hawke

We’ve been discussing when we may finally find out what is the first 2022 release by Marvel Studios on Disney+. When the teaser for a trailer dropped today, it was our confirmation that Moon Knight will be the first to start off the year. We still have to wait until Monday, but even the small teaser has offered a few glimpses at what we can expect from the new series. Among them is our first look at Ethan Hawke‘s mysterious character in the upcoming series.

We’re still waiting for any real hint at who exactly he is playing, but there have been many theories that he may turn out to be Dracula. Yet, we’ve also theorized he might be the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s take on The Profile. For now, all we can do is theorize on who he is, and there’s a chance the full trailer may offer a closer hint due to his limited role in the teaser, but him sensing the “chaos” in Marc Spector does hint at a supernatural connection.

You can check out the trailer here:

Source: Twitter

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