‘Moon Knight’ Disney+ Teaser Offers First Look a Comic-Inspired Humanoid Jackal

moon knight jackal

We’ve long theorized that Moon Knight is our first step into the supernatural horror from the comics. Ever since the announcement that Blade was getting a film, it seemed like the perfect start into that world. Ironically, Eternals’ post-credit sequence did technically set up that corner with the first off-screen appearance of Mahershala Ali‘s Blade, but the latest teaser for Moon Knight solidified the supernatural direction for the franchise. While teased in the initial 2022 preview from Disney+ Day, the teaser unveiled who it is that Moon Knight is beating up and it looks like a humanoid Jackal.

It takes a bit to make out, but you can clearly see its brown thin legs with the Jackal-esque ears and snout before he gets a hit to the face. At first one would think it may be a Werewolf, especially with the Halloween special in development, but fans of the 2016 Moon Knight run might remember we’ve seen humanoid Jackals inspired by the Egyptian god of Anubis before. This one doesn’t seem to be wearing the white jacket that we saw in the comics, but we also don’t know how much the show is going to play with us as viewers. It’s great though how much they are jumping into the Egyptian aspect of the character.

You can check out the teaser here:

Source: Twitter

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