New Rumor Teases Daredevil Seeking a Fellow Defender in ‘Echo’

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There have been quite a few rumors surrounding the upcoming Echo series. Not only would it continue the storyline of the character introduced in Hawkeye, but also potentially add even more screentime for Charlie Cox’s return as Daredevil. Now, a new rumor has hit the web from the folks over at Weekly Planet. During the Hot Scoop or a Shot of Poop segment, James Clement hinted at what he heard about the upcoming appearance of the Man Without Fear.

While the series is still set to focus on Alaqua Cox‘s character, it does seem like Daredevil will be featured in around three episodes. Vincent D’Onofrio is also set to return and will be around for four of the total six episodes. He may be wearing an eye patch from his last meeting with his adoptive daughter. The big reveal, however, is that Charlie Cox‘s Daredevil is actively seeking his fellow Defender, Jessica Jones.

Yep, Daredevil is in it for three episodes, as in Charlie Cox. Kingpin, Vinnie D’Onofrio is in four. The Kingpin storyline is building up to him running for mayor of New York City. Apparently, he’s going to be wearing an eye patch because he was shot in the head in Hawkeye… Daredevil is also going to be rocking a red and black suit and is looking for Jessica Jones.

James Clement

There have been rumors that Krysten Ritter was potentially going to make a return in one of the upcoming Disney+ series. Her arrival in the Echo project would be quite the surprise and could hint at a cameo. The question is also why he’s actively looking for her. Perhaps she has some dirt to take down Fisk once again, or a Defenders reunion is in our future?

Disney+ did recently change the title of the Netflix series to A.K.A. Jessica Jones, which further hints at some kind of major plan for the character with a potential new series. We might have to wait a little longer until we truly find out but if this rumor turns out to be true, Echo could be climbing people’s must-watch lists.

Source: YouTube via The Direct

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