Marvel Studios President Always Believed Natalie Portman Would Return “If It Was An Interesting Role”

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When Natalie Portman moved away from the Marvel Cinematic Universe after her work on Thor: The Dark World had seemingly ended her working relationship with Marvel Studios. At least, that’s how the world viewed her exit from the franchise for many years. Many were surprised when she walked on stage to take on the mantle of Mighty Thor for Thor: Love and Thunder and it seems that Marvel Studios president, Kevin Feige, never saw it as a split.

Kevin Feige highlighted in the interview with Empire that the external perspectives of Natalie Portman having exited the Marvel Cinematic Universe “didn’t feel that way to [him].” He goes on to highlight that “it was [his] impression that if it was an interesting role, she would be game.” There also wasn’t truly a story that seemed like the perfect time to bring her back, which wouldn’t be until

Director Taika Waititi pitched the idea directly to Natalie Portman and was a big part of bringing her back to the franchise. It also wasn’t something he set out to include initially, but just developed while writing the story. So, we’re lucky that he had the inspiration o bring back the iconic character and give Portman‘s Jane Foster another run to give her something to work with. Here’s hoping it may also et up many more stories to come in the future giving us a look at how Mighty Thor finds her place within the MCU.

Source: Empire via The Direct

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