New ‘She-Hulk’ Image Offers New Look at Jameela Jamil’s Titania

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All eyes have been on She-Hulk‘s designs and the execution of a full CG character for a Disney+ series. While the discussion has the usual Twitter debate nature, there’s still something special about what the project has to offer especially as it was teased as an absurd take on legal series by its main star Tatiana Maslany. Yet, we’ve only been teased with the addition of Jameela Jamil‘s Titania as the series villain.

The latest issue of Empire includes a few segments on the upcoming Disney+ series. Yet, what stands out is that it gives us our first real close-up of Jamil‘s take on Titania. Unlike her green counterpart, her design is seemingly more grounded though we also don’t know if this is her powered up.

Titania usually is also a hulking individual with a more bodybuilding-inspired design. It’ll be interesting to see if we just meet her in her powered form or if we also witness her transformation into the one to take on She-Hulk. Generally, we don’t know how she’ll connect to the overarching story, as it does seem a bit disconnected from the transformation.

Perhaps a new group of powered individuals pops up which also leads to the requirement of a new powered individual-focused legal department. Department of Damage Control going haywire after anyone with ability would also open up the requirement for someone being able to get represented. Who knows, perhaps the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home may have also added to the necessity; if people remembered.

Source: Empire via Twitter

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