New ‘Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ Stills Showcase Next-Gen Graphics & New Costumes

We are only a few weeks away before Spider-Man: Miles Morales releases for the next-generation of consoles. I am still on the fence if I should jump on early in the new console’s life cycle but the visuals promised are quite promising. We got our first real look at the game’s gameplay just over a month ago. It showed us what unique abilities that Miles brings as the titular character with some staple classics from the 2018 game still remaining. At one point, the Remaster of the original Spider-Man game stole the spotlight, as they revealed a new design for Peter. Finally, we are getting a closer look at what the game has to offer in Game Informer’s exclusive coverage of the game. They kickstarted the coverage with a beautiful new cover for the magazine showing Miles patrolling during the game’s winter setting.

That is not all, the digital edition has also found its way online with many sharing the beautiful in-game visuals featuring our titular hero in all his glory. These images are from Game Informer but provided by YouTuber @GameRiotArmy on Twitter.

The next-generation of consoles is certainly promising. These are some amazing visuals from the game. This game will also give us a very unique version of the Tinkerer, who you can see in her purple high-tech outfit in the second tweet. It is a new take on the character, as she will also be more hands-on rather than just tinkering away at new technology. Also, this image confirms that Peter Parker will make an appearance at one point in the game’s story. Of course, it is to be expected but so far Insomniac has been very good at letting Miles shine with his own game. There is one more image that gives us a really interesting new costume design in the game.

This might be the most unique Spider-Man costume we’ve seen so far. I am a huge Daft Punk fan so the helmet is a great touch. I cannot wait to see this costume design in action once the game releases next month. Game Informer is also teasing new gameplay, which hopefully we will get our hands on soon.

Source: Game Informer (Cover), Twitter, Twitter (suit)

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