‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ Leak Confirmed, Among Gaming’s Biggest

rockstar games leak

It’s been a heavy day for Rockstar Games, as one of their biggest upcoming releases has seemingly leaked, Grand Theft Auto 6. We don’t know what exactly led to it but it seemed unreal that so much footage would find its way online, as it seemingly is from the actual developers. It offered some first looks into the long-rumored game that’s been seemingly in development for quite some time.

To some degree, it just seemed surreal and many were uncertain if it was actual footage of an earlier version of the game. As it turns out, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier has seemingly confirmed that this is indeed from an earlier build of Grand Theft Auto 6, which may be one of the biggest leaks in gaming history.

While some are excited about the first footage of the game, this isn’t something to really be excited about. Small hints or teases have become part of the overall way for the Internet to build up momentum but never to such a degree. It’s heavy for the first look to be an unlikely very early version of the game that is purely meant for the developers. Other devs like Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann have reached out to support Rockstar through these hard times.

It definitely should not be something to drag down the talented staff at Rockstar Games and discourage anyone from bringing their projects to life. Those that have spoken out about the quality and it being “unfinished” should also keep in mind that this is indeed the case. We have very little insight into the complexities of game development, and this is definitely not in any way the finished product as that would only be the case once Rockstar Games decided to actually reveal it to us on their own terms.

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