RUMOR: First ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ Footage Potentially Leaks, Further Hints at Return to Vice City

grand theft auto 6 leak

The Internet has always been unpredictable, especially in the day and age of leaks and scoopers rising in popularity. Still, gaming mainly was safe outside of small elements finding their way online such as skin leaks from Marvel’s Avengers. This time around, one of the biggest leaks may have happened as the first footage has found its way online from the long-rumored Grand Theft Auto 6. We still have to take it with a grain of salt but it’s certainly looking to be quite real given just how much has been revealed.

The game is seemingly going for a Bonnie and Clyde storyline, as the game features male and female protagonists, Jason and Lucia. It also is seemingly taking place in Vice City with some familiar locations teased like Malibu Club. Twitter user @Okami13_ has shared some of the details that were noticed in the footage provided online. There’s also a full video of a diner takeover that was seemingly leaked where the player takes control of Lucia.

This footage seems to be from a dev build and it’s unclear just how someone was able to get their hands on it. That isn’t the only footage, as @Who2Pitts has also shared what seems like a conversation between NPCs highlighting that this is indeed the dev version with a debug menu included.

If this turns out to be real, it’s definitely one of the biggest leaks we’ve seen in a while for a game this deep into development. Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier has seemingly also added fuel to the fire by pointing out that a lot that has leaked also connects with what he’s heard about the game, which includes two protagonists and Vice City as the main location. For now, we’ll have to see if Rockstar will make a statement in regards to these leaks eventually or if they might still keep a potential reveal a secret until it’s ready.

Source: YouTube, Twitter, Twitter

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