New ‘The Flash’ Merchandise Reveals First Look at Batman’s Batwing

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Superhero films are more than just the pure cinematic experience, as they also come with quite a few merchandises for fans of all ages. Ironically, these products end up spoiling quite a bit more than they should, as they tend to find themselves online much earlier than expected. That is especially the case with projects that end up getting delayed further back leading to the current situation of The Flash merch revealing our first look at Michael Keaton‘s new Batwing.

Twitter user @flashpointsaber has shared a rather curious first look at merchandise that includes two figurines and a model version of the Batwing. It’s definitely inspired by the one we first saw back in 1989 which was a direct adaptation of his logo from that era. It seems that this time around they combined the elements from modern-day Batman with the classic, as it’s even titled the “Ultimate Batwing.”

We know that it belongs to Keaton‘s Batman rather than to the version of the character played by Ben Affleck, who was confirmed to appear due to set photos of him back in action, due to the figurine included. That is the already teased version of the character and matches with what we saw in artwork since DC FanDome almost two years ago. The only question is how the Batwing might be used in the film and perhaps connects to the final arc of the film.

Source: Twitter

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