RUMOR: Warner Bros. May Reboot ‘Harry Potter’ With New Cast

harry potter reboot

Geminio! In the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, this is the “Doubling Charm” used to duplicate any given object. If rumors are to be believed, Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) may be looking to use it on the very franchise it originates from. According to a new report from industry insider Valliant Renegade, WBD wants to reboot the core Harry Potter films with a new cast in the next three-to-five years. The move would come after the company’s high-profile Fantastic Beasts prequels failed with fans, critics, and the box office, resulting in a halt on production of the final two planned entries.

Valliant Renegade claims WBD has too much invested in the Harry Potter property, which they reportedly call “The Wizarding Division” internally, to let it slip away with Fantastic Beasts. As such, the studio has become willing to make the massive leap and begin anew with the characters and concepts that put the franchise on the map in the first place. Their rationale is, according to Valliant, that the fans of the original novel adaptations have aged past going to see the films and it is therefore time to reignite the passion in a new generation of moviegoers. They would like to make Harry Potter an “evergreen” property.

As ambitious as this sounds, Valliant warns it’s not yet close to actually happening. WBD is apparently searching for a “James Gunn individual” who would shepherd the entirety of “The Wizarding Division”, and there have not been any talks as of now. Renegade also says that the reboot would likely not be an exact retelling of the classic story, with WBD exploring “many different ways” to bring back the cornerstone names and elements associated with Harry Potter. However, the exact method they’ll use to reboot the franchise is still undecided, if any of this is actually happening at all.

Source: ScreenGeek

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