‘Interview with the Vampire’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ Boost AMC+’s Viewership and Subscriber Growth

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It looks like AMC’s decision to invest in Anne Rice-focused projects was the right decision. According to Variety, the first release, Interview with the Vampire, has been a major boost for their AMC streaming service. It and The Walking Dead’s final season kick-off played a big part in giving the service its highest two days of viewership and subscriber growth since its initial launch back in 2020. AMC+ has shared the following statement:

The premiere of ‘Interview’ and the return of The Walking Dead’ drove AMC+ to the most successful two days in its history on Sunday and Monday and highest levels of series viewership and new subscriber acquisition ever.

The service pulled in 10.8M subscribers across all platforms including AMC+ with the premiere of Interview with the Vampire being the biggest launch for the service. It seemingly beat out the freshman drama Dark Winds that previously held that record and managed to triple that series numbers. So, AMC is going to continue to bank on the newly won popularity of these projects.

According to some data that Variety could acquire, it seems that 75% of the first streams were from new customers, which is quite a substantial showcase of just how big the draw was. The timing of a massive new series based on a highly popular book released around the same time as AMC’s biggest series ever seemed like the perfect recipe for success.

Source: Variety

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