Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ Composers Wanted to Showcase Series Diversity in its Music

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One highlight throughout the promotion for Netflix’s live-action One Piece was the energy that composers Sonya Belousova and Giona Ostinelli brought to the table. As it turns out, they actually wanted to work on the show when it was announced and as they were fans, gave it their all to join the project by creating an entire concept on the “One Piece music universe” that consisted of “different themes and instruments we would assign to each one of our characters.”

I think it was December 2021. I think you’re right. So it was so long ago by now, and that video got everybody really excited. And from there on, we were immediately on board. But funnily enough, all those concepts that we outlined in that video and the themes that we came up with, because we actually even wrote specific themes for the video and performed that theme on different instruments, representing our characters, all those concepts, now that we are done with the soundtrack, it’s about to come out. They all remained 100% true in the final product

Sonya Belousova

Luckily, their work paid off and they got the chance to create the iconic score based on one of the biggest mangas out there. Their biggest mission was to ensure that the music in the live-action also reflected the diversity of the series. The world of One Piece even just in the East Blue consists of different types of islands that bring something different to the table.

The score for the live-action universe is very diverse stylistically because the whole universe is so diverse and our straw heads are so diverse within their roots and backgrounds and also their diverse and unique personalities and fighting styles and skill sets. So the whole concept of diversity was really something that was very paramount to us when building this music universe, and the score ranges stylistically from epic swashbuckling orchestra to songs featuring incredible artists such as Norwegian art-pop sensation Aurora, to hip hop featuring an amazing artist, Flawless Real Talk to rap to folk to big band jazz funk fusion.

Sonya Belousova

We got a few glimpses of the music, such as Luffy and Gold Roger’s theme. There was also the theme for Nami that was also sung by Norwegian pop star Aurora; adding quite the star power to one of the most important arcs in the first season. So, it’ll be exciting to see all the diversity they are teasing from the entire series that we’ll be able to witness as it releases on Netflix tomorrow.

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