‘One Piece’ Composer Shares Working With Aurora for Nami’s Theme

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Netflix is all-in with their upcoming live-action adaptation of One Piece. While many were a bit nervous after their last few ventures, the first reactions are very positive so far and show a promising start to this new adaptation of an iconic series. Not only that, but they also have talented composers Sonya Belousova and Giona Ostinelli on board.

Famous for her work on The Witcher, Belousova has been heavily promoting the series teasing us with the first songs from the original OST. A big surprise came recently that they also have pop star Aurora attached to sing the theme song for Nami, and it turns out that this beautiful melody was born in just five minutes.

She shares that “being fans fo the anime” they knew they wanted to have at least one song and it seems it came together on the spot once they saw episode seven of the live-action adaptation; very likely the pivotal sequence for Nami.

It was born in like five minutes. I just sat down at the piano, because we already had the theme, I played it, I sang some gibberish lyrics in the moment, I recorded on my phone, and done — in 30 seconds.

Sonya Belousova

It’s inspirational that the song came together so fast, but it highlights that the moment they are capturing is that memorable. The theme is called “My Sails are Set” and further explores the story of Emily Rudd’s Nami in this adaptation. Belousova also shares what it was like working on the episode with Aurora.

She has so much spirit and so much freedom. And her expression and energy… she’s able to go really small and really fragile while really highlighting an emotional component of her vocal performance.

Sonya Belousova

She also highlights that the song made her cry when Aurora sang it, which is definitely a fitting emotion given that likely transpires in the episode they watched that inspired it. Interestingly enough, the song isn’t meant as a needle drop but rather focused on its connection to the rest of the score.

Usually songs function as needle drops — it’s very rare for songs to have actually any sort of musical connection to the rest of the score. But [One Piece] was just asking for it. We’re so glad that the whole team felt exactly the same way and got on board immediately and got so excited because we were really excited. I mean, we’re still so excited

Sonya Belousova

One Piece isn’t the series where you would drop a modern song into given how detached it is from our world and explores a completely unique one. So, it’s not unusual to have a brand new song made specifically for this show and if it gets many more could see other talented singers and stars give performances to enrich this unique world.

You can listen to the song right now:

Source: Polygon

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