‘Falcon and Winter Soldier’ Tops Netflix and Amazon Shows in April’s Viewership

falcon and winter soldier viewership

The biggest drawback of streaming services lies in their stubbornness to publicize any viewership data. Anything running on television was made available through Nielsen. So, we were once able to get a grasp of how our favorite shows were performing. Disney+, Netflix, Amazon, and others aren’t forced to make this information available for advertisers, which makes it difficult to assess a show’s success and potential future. Luckily, there are various analytics companies that try to get a better look at how they are doing. Of course, Marvel Studios’ new venture into long-form storytelling made the world wonder how they would perform and it looks like Disney has nothing to worry about. According to Variety, the TV analytics provider TVision announced that Falcon and the Winter Soldier was March’s most-watched series.

They analyze the viewership numbers between the three major streaming networks, Disney+, Netflix, and Amazon. According to their analysis, the latest Marvel Studios show was viewed 40.4 times more frequently than regular TV shows. The series beat out the other competitors, such as This Is a Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist and The Serpent in April. It even beat WandaVision in March after only premiering on March 19th with 43.4x in comparison to the 35.1x factor of its predecessor. This data is based on their panel where they track 25,000 titles among 5,000 households from connected televisions. It’s not too dissimilar how classic TV series are tracked.

This development also highlights the staying power of weekly releases, as even fan-favorite Netflix series Bridgerton barely made it into their list with 11.7x. Falcon and the Winter Soldier managed to have an impressive staying power from its premiere into the following month. It is believed that its direct ties to Avengers: Endgame‘s ending also boosted the show’s appeal alongside its relevant social messaging. It’ll be interesting to see how Loki does, especially with the recent change to Wednesday releases.

Source: Variety

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