New ‘Shang-Chi’ Concept Art Includes Deadpool Fighting Proxima Night

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We know that Marvel Studios invests a lot of time in creating concept art for various versions of the scripts to help its writers get a feeling for how these projects come together. Sometimes it offers a look behind-the-scenes on what ideas were pitched throughout the development, and it seems that a new piece of concept art from Andrew Kim reveals a different battle in the fighting cage sequence of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. While we got Wong fighting Abomination in the film, it seems that at one point it included a battle between Avengers: Infinity War‘s Proxima Midnight and Deadpool.


It’s unclear if this was just drawn for fun, as Proxima Midnight not only died in Infinity War but even got snapped again in Avengers: Endgame. So, her inclusion in Golden Daggers Club makes less sense than the fourth-wall-breaking merch with a mouth. While it may have been jarring to see him included, especially with the character’s connection to the Fox universe. So, even if this isn’t just a joke by the artist, it may have been a bit jarring to suddenly see him show up out of nowhere for some fans.

Sadly, it seems very unlikely that this was ever planned, and the inclusion of Abomination was a great move, especially with his confirmed appearance in She-Hulk. Plus, we got some fun with Wong that opened up a lot of questions about what the future has in store for these characters. A sudden return of Proxima Midnight might have many scratching their head, though Deadpool could’ve dragged her from the multiverse for fun. It might’ve been too distracting in the middle of a new solo film that would have distracted viewers. Still, it’s a great looking concept art and hopefully we get to revisit this cage fight at a later point.

Source: Andrew Kim

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